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collaboration happens in a network, as organizations open themselves up to a variety of stakeholders and communities. The network is dynamic and fit for purpose with the agility to change the components and how they relate to each other legally and operationally as purpose and context evolves. Harnessing the strength of contributors, the network benefits and connects all parties in new and innovative ways. In short, the collaborative network is the organization.

This illustrates, using real-world examples, the benefit of collaboration, the five factors of a successful network collaboration, the value proposition of the collaborative network, and the role of the network choreographer.
You increasingly have to think through what relationships make the most sense—the customer is the most important relationship. Peter Drucker Keynote Speech, Collaborative Commerce Summit June 2001

The genius of Peter Drucker was that he made very complex thoughts and concepts seem simple. It was in the summer of 2000 that he gave an interview to James Daly, Editor of Business 2.0, a popular business magazine at that time. In the interview, which was published in August 2000, a few short months after the crash of the dot-com market, Drucker stated:
The corporation as we know it is unlikely to survive the next 25 years. Legally and financially, yes. But not structurally and economically. As entrepreneurs as well as educators and advisors to business people, we had been considering the impact of advances in communications and information technologies, as well as the loosening of trade. As a result, we had begun work on a book, Collaborative Communities: Partnering for Profit in the Networked Economy.
• The central thesis of the book was that an organizational form was beginning to emerge that was entrepreneurial in nature and relied on a network of partners to satisfy the needs of customers newly empowered by technology. Indeed, we supposed that the end was near for the traditional vertically integrated corporation.


Our Recent Activity

Raw Materials Export

pp fibers

PolyProplylene Fibers

PolyProplylene Fibers are a kind of fibers wich has some specifications such as their cutting and lengthes for use in industries like Textile Reinforced concrete (TRC) in civil or some kinds of tires and so on. so you can contact us for further information of cooperation opportunities about PP fiber supplying with us.

Carbon Black

Carbon black is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of coal. the most common use of carbon black is as a pigment and reinforcing phase in automobile tires. it have been many specifications and data. so you can contact us for further information of cooperation opportunities with us.


There are different types of bitumen available with different properties, specifications and uses based on requirements of consuming industry. The specification of bitumen also shows variation with the safety, solubility, physical properties, and the durability. To understand the performance of the bitumen when it is on service, the design of physical properties of the material is highly essential. The standard testing methods are carried out to grade bitumen.

Market Research

Artificial Intelligence

There are many ways that AI can be used by businesses, but most applications focus on driving growth. By embracing AI and machine learning, companies are finding innovative ways to help business performance. Some business benefits of AI include: Boosting efficiency through process automation Improving the speed or consistency of service.

Key points for exporting to China

Depending on your data source, China is either the largest or the second-largest economy in the world, making it an undeniable force in international trade. Yet, this formidable giant should give many small and midsize exporters pause when it comes to considering international trade.

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The source of this report is the Industrial Management Organization, which has been ranking Iran's top companies every year since 1998.

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